About Us

       I designed Reload Wrap in 2009, so that I could carry a spare magazine to support my carry gun for those tough situations that may arise. As a police officer, I had a lot of gear issued to me to wear while working, but when I was off duty my gear options were very limited. I tried carrying a spare magazine in a pocket loosely, but it was never optimal. What I learned and trained for regarding gun fights revealed a need to carry a reload at all times, and to have it quickly accessible during stressful encounters. Since I carried a lot, I had several different carry guns for different occasions. I wore a gun to church, one for walking, and one for everything else. Each of these different guns were of different calibers and had different magazine sizes. Being a Cop with a family I also was on a limited budget, my solution had to be economical. With all these thoughts in mind, I set out to design a magazine holster that would carry well and be comfortable, keep the magazine ready for quick deployment, have the ability to fit a multitude of different magazine sizes and do all of this economically. This is how Reload Wrap was born, and it solved all of these issues that it was designed for.

       I have personally worn my design for almost 10 years now and I still carry it daily. I retired in 2018 with over 22 years of Law Enforcement experience and now I have decided to bring my design to market. Allow my design and experience to work for you!

                                                                                      The Reload Wrap founder and designer, KevinKevin (Owner and Creator)