Question: Will Reload Wrap fit every pistol magazine?

     The holster was designed to accommodate all known pistol magazines. There are pistol magazines with large aftermarket capacity extension plates that "may" not work (None noted this far). If you have a magazine that does not fit, please contact us and we will custom make one to solve the issue at no extra charge. Contact us here. Also we have added videos for popular magazines that have odd protrusions or may require some extra fitting, see them in the Videos section.

** Currently the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield 380/ 9mm EZ has several protrusions that we are working on a fix for, thus it "may" not fit at this time.

 Question: Are Revolvers covered with Reload Wrap too?

    The design of the Reload Wrap holster was so configurable that I sought out to see what reloads could fit into it. Revolver speed loaders and Speed Strips work just as well in the Universal Pocket Holster. All reloads require fitting of the holster based on the supplied instructions. Reload Wrap also provides instructional videos to further demonstrate its use. Click here for our training videos.


 Question: How does Reload Wrap work?

   Our design uses the power of Hook & Loop to securely wrap around the body of the object you intend to carry. The Hook & Loop is securely attached to a high quality spring metal clip for positioning in a pocket or article of clothing. The combination of the, tested and measured, Hook & Loop with a metal clip offers excellent strength and holding ability. The adaptability of the Hook & Loop to securely conform is second to none. The market is flooded with Leather, Plastic, Kydex, and Fixed Ridgid designs, Reload Wrap offers a great alternative to those designs.  


 Question: Is Reload Wrap metal detector friendly?

    The Reload Wrap holster is made with a spring steel pocket clip, thus it is detectable and will set off a metal detector even when empty.


 Question: Is Reload Wrap totally concealed from view?

   The reload Wrap holster was designed to look like a pocket knife when properly fitted to a pocket. Since the holster controls the depth at which the reload sits in your pocket, the reload will not be visible when properly fitted. There is a story with this in that I wore the holster to a major theme park here in Florida (big one guess?). I always carry out of habit (Great idea by the way) and was standing in line to enter. A sharp eyed security officer looked over at me and observed my pocket rig and asked, "Sir, is that a knife?" Well I was busted, so pulling out my police badge I revealed to the security officer that It wasn't a knife but a magazine holster! Well long story short it all worked out and I was met by other officers working there for further evaluation and still enjoyed the park for the day. I did learn a lesson though, Reload Wrap still looks like a weapon to a trained observer so you should evaluate how you carry it and where. 


 Question: Does Reload Wrap offer free shipping?

    Reload Wrap offers free standard shipping to all USA addresses. Shipping to international addresses will require additional shipping charges. If you would like other shipping services other than Standard rates, we offer other USPS rates during check out too.   


 Question: How do you maintain the holster once purchased?

    The Reload Wrap holster has some warnings for its proper use and function. These warnings are:

- Do not place the holster near flame or heat sources as the hook and loop components may melt

- Do not overly bend the metal clip, as abuse of the metal clip will cause it to lose its springy nature as is common with all spring tempered metal clips

- The holster, since it rides in a pocket, will collect lint and pocket debris. It is recommended that you clean the straps from time to time so that the hook and loop performs as intended.


 Question: How hard is it to use the Reload Wrap Universal Pocket Holster?

   The use of this holster does require following the provided instructions and even watching the usage videos listed at the website, shown here. Reload Wrap is so universal in its applications that you can configure it many different ways, even more so than what we show here at the site. As a result we provide the principles of use, the nomenclature, and show the most common uses that we have found. Once you get the hang of using the holster, you can fit it to almost anything and you can have fun with it!