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Reload Wrap is testing and fitting different pocket items in the Universal Pocket Holster in order to show you some of the things the holster can fit. Below we have also provided User supplied pictures showing what they have fitted with the holster.

User Submitted Pictures of what they fit into the Universal Pocket Holster:


 Makarov 9x18 magazine by Matt


 Double Glock 43 magazines by Ryan


Kel-Tec P-11 magazine by David 


Glock 43 with extra magazine that has an extension on it by Jeremiah

S&W Shield 45 by Tony

XD 45 submitted by Alex


Glock 43 by Kevin

sig P365

Sig P365 with EDC items by Nate

S&W 642-2

S&W 642-2 by John

Sig 226 Legion with a 20 rd mag from Barry


Springfield XDS 45 by Daniel

Glock 19 custom by unknown


  Prepared for the worst!

(Yes its a Dummy Grenade)


Loose 44 magnum cartridges maybe a large derringer reload?



 Loose .410 shotshells for a derringer reload?

Reload Wrap as a holster and a minimalist wallet. 9mm single stack magazine, CCW permit, Drivers license, and a credit card.....


As you can see with the minimalist wallet set up, the holster provides two separate pockets for the magazine and varias cards. Thus the items can be pulled out individually if needed.


 Two 1911 magazines carried side by side instead of stacked on each other, this is done to make for a thinner profile in the pocket for carrying.


Even with the side by side set up, there are still individual pockets set up for each magazine and they can be pulled out separately. 




 Two Kel-Tec PF-9 magazines side by side offering a thinner profile for carry.


Each of these side by side uses offer an individual pouch for each magazine so that they can pulled out as needed.


Diabetic supplies with Reload Wrap

 Reload Wrap with a Insulin vile, syringe, and Glucose tablets..... All suspended for quick access from a pocket