Reload Wrap acknowledges that there are different products on the market for your reloading demands. The market has many belt worn magazine pouches that are nice and do work under certain requirements as well as other pocket carried holsters. We want you concerned armed citizens to make well informed decisions about how you carry and defend yourself. All in all let's agree that you "SHOULD" carry a reload for your weapon of choice all the time! Now that that's out of the way let's look at some features of other brands and compare them to Reload Wrap. Here is a current sampling of other magazine/reload holsters on the market:

 ** These two competitors were chosen due to our designs being pocket holsters

 Features to compare

Reload Wrap

Snag Mag 
Neo Mag
Main body construction  Hook @ Loop Kydex/ Plastic Metal w/magnet
Holster rigidity  Soft and flexible in pocket Hard in pocket Hard in pocket
Holster wearability able to bend with pocket fixed up and down fixed up and down
Holster Adjustability Magazine depth can be adjusted up or down Magazine depth is fixed in place Magazine depth can adjust but only according to magnetic hold 
Fitted sizing available 100% Universal with one holster

over 55 plus models to choose from

available in 3 sizes S/M/L
Mounting Options Pocket  Pocket Pocket
Pocket engagement type Metal clip Metal clip Metal clip
Dexterity Fully ambidextrous  Must order right or left hand model Fully ambidextrous
Adaptability Fully adaptable to almost anything with a single holster  Must purchase holster for each magazine size selected since it's fitted Each of the 3 sizes will accommodate a range of magazines according to its size 
Revolver compatibility Fully configurable for Speed Loaders, Speed Strips, and Magazines No Revolver compatibility They have a seperate model that accommodates a Speed Strip only
Concealability Looks like pocket knife in pocket Looks like pocket knife in pocket Looks like pocket knife in pocket
Patent status PATENTED!! Patented Patented
Shipping (US) FREE FREE $ CHARGE $
Warranty Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Price $19.95 $34.95 and up $39.99 and up
 Each of these competitor designs offer excellent quality and craftsmanship from what I can tell. We have each put a lot of time and effort into our designs according to the demands of the market and what you want. I offer these for comparison and they may even be a better fit for you, however as you can see the universal fit and price of Reload Wrap makes it stand out!